Day 1. Poblano Sopes with Avocado Salad

My daughter reminded me this evening that today is August 1st. Normally, this would just be another summer day, filled with work and lazy kids, but then she reminded me of something I’ve been planning for weeks. You see, I had made a decision a few weeks ago to challenge myself to cook something new each day for the next year, and I was going to do it using Cooking Light’s 2014 Annual Recipe cookbook to do it. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook, and that when I’m looking for something wonderful to cook, I always turn to Cooking Light. I’ve tried other cookbooks and other online recipe sites, but I’m never satisfied with the outcome. There’s just something about the recipes in Cooking Light—they are simple, fresh, and just plain delicious. There are a lot of reasons why I want to challenge myself to cooking something new each day for an entire year, but if I took the time now to share them all, I’d never get to the actual recipe.

Poblano Sopes with Avocado Salsa

Poblano Sopes with Avocado Salsa

So today is Day 1. To be honest, I wasn’t very hungry, and I hadn’t been to the store for ingredients, so my motivation was definitely lacking when my daughter reminded me that I had cook. I told her to look through the recipes in the month of August, and just tell me what to make. And so she did—”Poblano Sopes with Avocado Salad.” Here is a link to the recipe.

The ingredients were simple enough—I only had to pick up a few things. I did, however, have trouble finding poblano chiles at my local A&P, so after talking with someone from the produce department, I decided to go with a regular green pepper. The only other ingredient I couldn’t find was the crumbled queso fresco, and not really knowing what the intended flavor was meant to be, I bought crumbled goat cheese, instead.

Cooking Light says that the recipe should take about 25 minutes to make, and although I didn’t actually time myself, it was fairly quick—and incredibly easy—to make. The best part, however was the taste—it was delicious! The sope was crispy, and slightly sweet, and the salad complemented it perfectly with the bitterness of the arugula and the tanginess of the lime. And although my nine year-old son didn’t like it, my 14 year-old daughter loved it—which is a good thing since she made me make it.



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