Day 3: Fresh Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomato, and Basil Pizza

Last night was a lot of fun—good friends and family, lots of wine, a friendly game of poker, and of course, delicious food! Needless to say, I’m wrecked. I’m so tired, I can barely pry myself off the comfiness that is my family-room sofa. If it weren’t for this commitment to cooking something new each day, this would definitely be a night for takeout. Fortunately for me, however, I had some fore-thought the other day at the grocery store, and picked up some basil, fresh mozzarella, and fresh pizza dough. It was for a recipe called “Fresh Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomato, and Basil Pizza.” IMG_0163Of course, as with some of the ingredients I’ve needed the last two days, I was unable to find heirloom tomatoes at Shop Rite, and instead opted for my favorite—grape tomatoes. I also went with the small fresh mozzarella balls, rather than the larger single ball—mostly because they were on sale.

The recipe was fairly straight-forward to make, and I only diverged from the instructions in two ways. The first was that the recipe called for the use of a small food processor—which I don’t have. I used a blender, which did the job well enough, but it would definitely have been better if the basil, garlic, and olive oil could have been pureed enough to become a paste. The other change came from the use of the grape tomatoes—the flavor was wonderful, but the seeds created a bit too much moisture on the pizza’s surface, which then caused it to be messier then expected. IMG_0167Personally, the adults in our house—specifically my husband and I—both really loved this pizza. The overall flavor and intensity of the garlic was perfectly sublime, however it was a bit lost on my nine year-old son. His reaction upon taking his first bite was “Interesting [pause] but I don’t really like tomatoes.” Likewise, my fourteen year-old daughter didn’t like to olive-oil base, and thought it was a bit too greasy. I’ll definitely make it again, but next time I will follow the recipe to a T.



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