Day 8

In addition to yesterday being Day 8 of my 365 Days of Cooking Light challenge, I was also challenged by my soon-to-be brother-in-law to one of a whole different kind. This week, he publicly (on Facebook) challenged my to a chili cook-off—which of course being the competitive person that I am, accepted. I knew right away which recipe to make—my favorite chili from Cooking Light. The only problem was it was from not only the wrong month but also the wrong year. So, as much as I would have liked my chili to count for Day 8, it didn’t. Instead, I opted to make another kind of lemonade, this one with alcohol—”Peachy Bourbon.”

10313710_789961841025902_5651555604201333382_nMaking this lemonade was quite different from the “Basil Blueberry” that I made the other night. This one had me cooking the diced peaches along with fresh mint, water, and sugar on the stop top just until it boiled. Then, it went into the freezer for 30 minutes. I had assumed that those thirty minutes were to cool it down, but once it came out of the freezer, it was still really hot. I then had to pour it through a sieve into the pitcher with the fresh lemonade—which I don’t have— so instead I used what turned out to be the perfect tool “The Scoop” from Joseph & Joseph. I had to pour it slowly, and then press the cooked peaches a little bit at a time. Because the peaches were still quite hot, this wasn’t the easiest of tasks. Once all of the peaches were pressed, I noticed that the color had to turned into a lovely peach color which just got me even more excited to complete the recipe so I could finally try it.

On to the taste. I must say—whether it was cruel or not—I somehow forgot to let my children try it before adding the bourbon, so their opinion will not be included here. Instead, I can share the opinions of the adults present at the chili cook-off. My sister thought it was “light and refreshing,” and my mother who has not had bourbon who has not had bourbon since she drank too much in college thought that it “would have been better without it.” Personally, I loved it, and only wished that I had doubled the batch.


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