Day 9

I seem to be running a day behind this weekend. In my defense, I had both my mother and sister (+ my sweet nephew) visiting, so cooking food took a backseat to enjoying the company of family. Not to worry, though, I still “cooked” on Day 9—thank goodness for yet another lemonade recipe! Once again, though, it contained alcohol and my children were unable to provide their reactions to the taste.

IMG_0228.JPGThe one I opted to make was a no-brainer—”Blackberry-Vanilla Vodka Lemonade.” Sounds wonderful, right? The recipe was probably the simplest of all of them to make, but I still needed to pick up two of the ingredients at A&P. The blackberries were simple enough (and they were on sale), but the vanilla bean was a little problematic. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find it, it was that it cost so damn much. $10.79 for ONE vanilla bean! So, as much as I wanted to stay true to the recipe, I decided to use a 1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract in it’s place.

10556519_790769284278491_6657966773114022418_nOnce the blackberries and sugar were pureed, and then pushed through the sieve (or large spoon that keeps coming in handy), you then added the mixture to the 1/2 cup lemon juice. I had to re-read the recipe a few times, as I kept wondering when I was supposed to add the water. As it turns out, this recipe only called for vodka as the liquid, making it a rather thick (and sweet), albeit tasty, beverage. Both my mother and sister agreed that the thickness made it just slightly less appealing, so I added a splash of club soda to the drink, along with a wedge of lime. The outcome was, in my opinion, a perfect drink! It was both sweet and tangy, and the rich undertones of the vanilla gave it a dessert-like taste. My only complaint was that I didn’t think to double the recipe!




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