Day 10

This week, a new obstacle began that is making this challenge even more “challenging”—football. My son’s practice schedule has him at the field most nights during dinner hours. You might ask me, why don’t you just make dinner before football practice? And I would tell you, that level of organization would be a challenge unto itself! So, yesterday, the first night of practice, I began rationalizing to myself that I should just make yet another version of lemonade (there still are three left to make!), but my daughter flat-out told me I had to cook.

10561746_791091010912985_3585634816701687102_nAlthough I had gone to a local farm earlier in the day to get vegetables for the week, I didn’t make it as far as the actual grocery store for a majority of the ingredients. So, looking at what I had in the house, it was an easy choice—”Creamy Corn Risotto.”

I’ve never actually made risotto before that wasn’t out of a box, so I was actually feeling a little intimidated as I began to make it. Because the recipe indicated that I would have to basically be stirring the risotto for about 20 minutes, I decided I had better prep all of the ingredients—something I definitely don’t do very often—just so everything would be ready when I needed it. And, thank goodness I did, because I had to pause every few minutes just to re-read the recipe to make sure I wasn’t messing it up.

Which I didn’t!

I was actually able to follow an entire recipe, and use all of the correct ingredients, for a change. The only thing that was slightly different was that the recipe suggested I would need about six ears of corn to make four cups of raw kernels, but I ended up only needing four.

In the end, it actually turned out to be a fairly simple recipe, and considering the rich flavors, it definitely tasted like a gourmet meal. I even had four taste-testers at my disposal last night to share their opinions—my daughter and her friends. They were already eating a chicken lettuce wrap that they had collectively made a bit earlier, when I brought them out a single bowl or risotto with four spoons. I didn’t want to assume that they would all like it, so why waste four servings! I think they ate every last bit of it that was in the bowl—they loved it. I would have gotten direct quotes from each of them, but my daughter thought I was quickly falling in to the realm of “annoying.” So, the empty bowl was feedback enough.

I will most definitely be making this recipe again!



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