Day 15: Smoked Chicken Cobb Salad with Avocado Dressing

On Friday afternoon, I drove to Cape May with my sister and my son to visit my mom, and to soak in a little sunshine before summer comes to a close. We made it there with almost no traffic—an amazing thing for a Friday in summer—but arrived near dinner time. In the past, we would almost always order in dinner, and not necessarily from someplace healthy. But this time was different because when my mom asked us what we wanted for dinner, my answer was “I have to cook.” Not that I wanted to cook, but I had to make something for Day 15. So, after reading everyone some recipes—specifically looking for something rather quick—we chose “Smoked Chicken Cobb Salad with Avocado Dressing”. I made a quick list, and then “ran” to the grocery store—but this is a beach town, you can’t get anywhere very fast—and about 45 minutes later, my mom and I were preparing dinner.

10551008_793234210698665_987895326686858645_nThe recipe has you smoking two chicken breasts, but because we were all very hungry at this point, I picked up rotisserie chicken breasts, so that my mom could get straight to the task of shredding the chicken. With that shortcut, I think the whole recipe took about 10-15 minutes to prepare—the longest step of which was the making of the dressing, which took about 3 minutes: halve an avocado and dice it, peel a garlic clove (or two), measure out a tablespoon of lemon juice, two of olive oil, and three of water, and add some salt and pepper, and then process in a mini food processor. I had no idea that these simple ingredient could make such a delicious and flavorful salad enhancement.

The rest of the recipe consisted of cooking a few slices of bacon (I used turkey bacon), slicing a couple of hardboiled eggs, washing the lettuce, measuring out some crumbled blue cheese, and chopping the tomatoes. Simple. Then after the plate is assembled with all of those ingredient, you drizzle the dressing on top and your salad is ready. I don’t think my mom, sister, or I spoke the entire time we were eating—it was that good. I think there may have even been some sound effects like “mmmmmmm,” “oooooooohhhhh,” and “yuuuuuuummmm” made in the place of words. And if that isn’t enough praise, how’s this—I made the same salad again the following day for lunch. And I may even make it again today. Yes, it’s that good.

The only thing I did differently the second time I made it was tossing the lettuce and baby spinach in the dressing before adding the other ingredients so that the salad could get an even coating of the incredible dressing. This recipe is a must make!


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