Day 18: Peachy Almond Shortcakes

When I got home from my mom’s on Monday (Day 18), I not only had no food in the house, I also had to work for a few hours, as well as drive both of my kids around. Needless to say, I really didn’t feel like cooking. But, because I am committed to this challenge—as well as the fact that my daughter won’t let me even contemplate skipping a day—I decided to make something after dinner: “Peachy Almond Shortcakes.” 10401547_794550507233702_7032313781304988288_n

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t bake. Therefore, I always have a bit of anxiety when I begin. For this reason, I actually prepped all of the ingredients so that I would have everything at my fingertips when the recipe called for it. The only thing that I didn’t have—which I had assumed I did—was powdered sugar for the peaches. So, I used a tablespoon of brown sugar instead, and because the peaches were far from ripe, I prepped this part of the recipe first—at least 30 minutes before they were needed so as to bring out the juice from the peaches.

I don’t know if it was having everything prepped, or that this recipe was just easy to follow, but the whole thing went off without any other screw ups—a true feet for me—and the final product was delicious. In fact, because the recipe had me toast almond flour for a few minutes, the overall flavor had a real nuttiness to it—although this might have also been from the amaretto. Either way, the shortcake was crumbly, light, and just slightly sweet. Then, with the combination of the peaches and whipped topping, it was the perfect dessert. So perfect that there was only one left when I woke up the next morning!



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