Day 20: Sesame Dipping Sauce

I don’t know if you’ve already figured this out, but last week was a really busy week, and the recipes I chose seem to reflect that—they were all under the category of “Quick and Easy.” And I needed that. This change in my schedule with football practice has really taken a toll on my motivation. You’d think with two hours of practice that I’d have enough time to get at least a few things done while my son was otherwise occupied. But I’m a chatty person—which I’m sure you are well aware of—and I seem to get caught up in conversation whenever I drop him off. [This week, I’ve decided to not even park—he just jumps out of the car and runs to the field so that I can preserve every minute that I have between drop off and pick up.]

9299_795373720484714_6902683345305045450_nLooking through the remaining August recipes, the one for “Sesame Dipping Sauce” seemed like the perfect one for a busy day. So, while my son was at football, I made a quick stop at Shop Rite, picked up both chicken breasts and steak (my daughter wanted to try both types of meat with the sauce), and some fresh ginger. The rest of the ingredients were ones that I (thankfully) had at home: limes, soy sauce, dark sesame oil, salt, pepper, and green onions. The recipe took about 5 minutes to make, so once the steak and chicken were off the grill, we were ready to have dinner.

Now the review. It was ok. A little too tart if you ask me, and my son hated it—although he is a purist with his foods, so he’s not really into condiments. My daughter preferred it with the beef rather than the chicken, and seemed to like it. I think if I make it again, I would cut down on the lime juice, and maybe add a little garlic to give it some depth. If you make it, let me know what you think.


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