Day 24: Honeydew Lemonade

10628357_797287496960003_1803865886187709718_nThis is officially the last lemonade I will make from the August section of Cooking Light 2014, as I have no interest in tying or even making Cilantro-Lime-Jalapeno Lemonade—I’m not that adventurous. But Honeydew Lemonade? Now that sounded both delicious and easy to make—the perfect thing for a busy Sunday night!

Unlike the other lemonades I have made this month, this one called for me to make a simple syrup in the microwave, and then use the blender to mix all of the ingredients. And, because I used pre-cut honeydew melon, the most time-consuming part of this recipe was pouring the blended ingredients through a sieve—which took about 3 minutes. I loved that this recipe was both quick and simple to make, and amazingly refreshing. The verdict? This one is definitely a keeper.



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