Day 30: Bacon Endive Tomato Bites

10609713_800043523351067_2475878544222855985_nI’m not going to lie, this recipe was chosen in an act of desperation. My daughter was having friends over for a last “hoorah” before beginning the next four years of their lives, and because I was ordering them pizza and wings for dinner, along with making an array of appetizers from Trader Joe’s, I still needed to make something. And, that something had to be quick and potentially tasty, and if not, it at least had to photograph well. So I thought that “Bacon Endive Tomato Bites” would completely fit the bill.

Considering that the extent of the instructions were:

Combine first 7 ingredients in a medium bowl. Spoon 1 tablespoon tomato mixture in center of each endive leaf; sprinkle evenly with bacon.

How could I go wrong?

Well, they came out just as expected, and although I liked them, I don’t think the majority of 14 year-old girls found them that appealing. The few that ventured to try them smiled politely, and said “They were really good.” I didn’t buy it.

Would I make them again? Nope. Was there anything wrong with this recipe? Nope. Just not for me.


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