Day 32: Mango Lassi Smoothie

10616228_801042979917788_3510471899053918090_nYou’d think that with an entire month of un-made recipes, I would have chosen something truly amazing to make on the first day of the month. The day, however, proved to be very busy, and I had a house full of 14 year-olds—so cooking something exotic or complicated was pretty much out of the question. Instead, I settled on making “Mango Lassi Smoothies.”

The recipe called for fresh mango, but because I didn’t have time to prep the recipe the night before, I bought frozen mango instead. I’d recommend doing the same thing—if you’ve ever tried to cutting a mango is not an easy job. So, with the frozen mango already prepared, all I had to do was throw all of the ingredients in the blender. The only thing I was missing, however, was the cardamom. I thought I had some in my spice cabinet, but it turned out to be coriander—so my smoothies had to go without as I was not about to leave a house full of kids unattended as I ran to the store.

I was the first to try the smoothie. I liked it, although it wasn’t very sweet and it had a slightly odd—can’t put my finger on it—flavor. Because I needed a second opinion, I decided to see if I had any volunteer taste-testers in the house. Fortunately for me, three boys volunteered to try it. One definitely thought it was weird, one thought it was okay, but the last said it was good. It wasn’t until the next morning, however, that I got the final verdict. I woke up to find the entire pitcher empty in the sink—it turned out that my daughter really loved it and finished up the whole thing.

Would I make it again? If my daughter asked for it for breakfast, I would most definitely make it. Would I crave it? Not really, but I would use the basis of the ingredients to make a different flavor smoothie, like strawberry.


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